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Gaurav Chaudary popularly known as specialized Guruji is a Dubai established YouTube creator.

His channel Technique Guruji includes 15.8 million readers .Gaurav earns a lot more than 1 million US Dollars every-year through his YouTube channels independently.

Technical Guruji Net Worth 2020

Besides YouTube he comes with a family business in Dubai that brings him excellent amount of dollars.

Gaurav Chaudhary introduces himself in most of his movies with,”Namaskar dosto… (hi pals )”, however his second line,”chaliye shuru karte hai (let us commence )”, encapsulates that which he proceeds to do: Introduce folks towards the ins and outs of tech.

Chaudhary, who’d consistently been curious in all things technician, started out studying programming languages early in existence, also detected YouTube at 2007.

Soon after completing his master’s in micro electronics in Dubai in September 2015, he combined his family firm, but nurtured his passion to the negative by starting his YouTube channel’specialized Guruji’ at oct.

Over the station, he spoke regarding technology — not just product critiques, but also concepts and the way that tech operated, also uploaded videos in Hindi to expand reach.

Technical Guruji suits 15 million YouTube subscribers and also is your largest technology YouTube channel in India, while Chaudhary, who writes, creates, edits and uploads the video clips, is that the second-most sprinkled tech-YouTuber on the planet.

In addition, he has a personal vlogging channel which, with 3 million subscribers, is India’s biggest vlog. He has a library of around 2,700 video clips.

Gaurav Chaudary popularly known as Technical Guruji is a Dubai based YouTube creator. His channel Technique Guruji has 15.8 million subscribers. Gaurav earns more than 1 million US Dollars every year through his YouTube channels alone.

technical guruji net worth 2020 in rupees

Gaurav Chaudhary aka Technical Guruji is a Dubai based Indian Tech YouTuber. He has about 16.7 Million subscribers on his main channel.
Technical Guruji Net Worth — Income, Earnings, Bio.
Net Worth $43.86 Million (₹335.25 Crores)
Country Indian, Lives in UAE
Age 29
Last Updated 2020

technical guruji income in rupees

Still Left To add Up Sponsors and Promotion Earnings to add For His Channel. So Estimated earning worth value per month in Indian Rupees will be 10 crores approx (After All Cut Fit of Youtube).

technical guruji income per month from youtube

Still Left To add Up Sponsors and Promotion Earnings to add For His Channel. So Estimated earning worth value per month in Indian Rupees will be 10 crores approx (After All Cut Fit of Youtube).

technical guruji annual income

Read to know about Technical Guruji’s earnings!
Well, he earns $12.8K — $204.8K monthly and $153.6K — $2.5M yearly.

technical guruji income source

Technical Guruji is a big YouTuber, then he gets a lot of money. More than that, they earn by reviewing the company’s product through their channel. Can an Indian YouTuber earn Rs. 20,000 per month on a regular basis?

technical guruji income monthly.

Technical Guruji estimated earnings by months
Month Estimated earnings
January 2019 $ 62.9K
December 2018 $ 55.1K
November 2018 $ 60.8K
October 2018 $ 60.3K

Technical Guruji net worth. Technical Guruji is an Indian YouTube channel that has a net worth of $5.7 million dollars as of July 2020.

Technical Guruji Income in rupees
But, he’s been doing business since 2014. Adding 30 Crores for 2014 and 60 Crores for 2015 we receive his net worth at $415 Crores from his Business income alone.

60,620,000 (It’s 6 crores 6 lakhs 20 thousands ). This estimation is only for the past 4 weeks and Technical Guruji started his channel in October 2015. This means that we haven’t calculated the earnings from videos that were published between October 2015 and the previous month.

Technical Guruji Income in rupees

“There’s one video in the morning speaking about fresh technology, a item, an unboxing or a combination of all and also the evening video can be an 10-minute tech-news demonstrate that provides hottest world wide upgrades,” he explains.

On Sundays, Chaudhary generates an inter-action video to automatically response issues his readers pose on Twitter.

“There have been times when I’ve shot a movie at a plane, edited it uploaded it to the flight’s Wi-Fi,’’” he adds. “Gaurav is enthusiastic about his job.

He’s focussed which offers him a strong hold on his crowd. You’ve already been multiple scenarios when Gaurav has accumulated opinions from customers and conveyed us… that’s assisted us develop a far better product,” states Madhav Sheth, Vicepresident of Realme and also CEO of all Realme India.

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Over the last ten years, YouTube has become a substantial platform making it a massive competition for social networking.

Most stars with this age have made their introduction on the most popular video-sharing platform in place of online mediums like film or television.

Not just do these on-line celebrities have a gigantic fan following however they also have high income through adverts and sponsorships.

You can find a lot of renowned Indian YouTubers also, such as Bhuvan Bam and Amit Bhadana, who earn countless their YouTube channel and brand. Here are the highest-earning YouTubers out of India.BB Ki VinesBB Ki Vines is the YouTube station run from the most popular online celebrity Bhuvan Bam.

Technical Guruji Net Worth 2020

His primary channel has over 15 million subscribers with all the majority of his articles be-ing 4 10 minute long comedy video clip skits that normally have whimsical characters speaking about one another, each one of whom are played with Bhuvan Bam himself.

In addition, he writes and sings their own tracks, most of which are also featured in his channel. At the time of 2019, his channel has above two thousand total views.

Amit BhadanaAmit Bhandana began his ego titled YouTube station back 2012.

Ever since then, he’s gathered over 17 million subscribers along with his station has a whole of over a million views, which makes him one of the absolute most popular Indian YouTubers.

His movies have been well known to their humor and high manufacturing price.

Specialized GurujiTechnical Guruji is really the most widely used tech-review channel out of India. It is the channel of a Dubai based Indian scientist named Gaurav Chaudhary.

Chaudhary reviews all sorts of technology, in notebooks and smartphones along with additional random devices and smallish electronics.

His channel currently has approximately 14.5 million subscribers and also has above 1.4 billion total views.Ashish Chanchlani VinesAshish Chanchlani Vines could be your channel made and run by online comic Ashish Chanchlani.

He gets short 4 10 minute videos that are comical skits, every having a fresh premise.

His channel currently has around 14.8 million subscribers and now around 1.4 billion absolute perspectives.

Technical Guruji Income in rupees

These are now the four paid YouTubers from India. Other popular along with high earning YouTube stations out of India include Sandeep Maheshwari, TsMadaan along with FactTechz.

An honourable mention would-be Lili Singhanother high paid YouTuber who primarily has an American viewer and also is still the American Citizen, but she herself is of Indian source.

Net Worth$43.86 Million ($335.25 Crores)Known forTechnical Guruji on YouTubeRanking Businessman, YouTuber, Engineer.

CountryIndian, Lives in UAEAge29Last Updated2020Gaurav Chaudhary aka Technical Guruji is a Dubai based Indian Tech YouTuber.

He has about 16.7 Million subscribers on his main channel. However, he also has a vlogging channel by the name of Gaurav Chaudhary.

There he has about 3.4 Million Subscribers. Combined, both channels have an average of 86 Million views every month (Data: July, 2020). He started uploading and making movies to YouTube in 2015. In the last 5 years he has gained over 16 Million subscribers.

Recently (on May 19th, 2020) Technical Guruji surpassed Unbox Therapy to become the most subscribed Tech YouTuber on earth.Technical Guruji was born on May 7th, 1991.

He finished his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya. When he was in 11th std, his daddy met with an unfortunate accident and went to coma.

Things were hard for him, but with the support of his family that he completed his education and later applied for a Bachelor’s Degree programme in Electronics and Communication from a College at Bikaner.

He lost his father when he was in 3rd semester of Bachelor’s College. However, he continued with his Engineering and completed it.

Then in 2012, he moved with his family to Dubai to live with his elder brother. Technical Guruji or should I say Gaurav Chaudhary is an Engineer, YouTuber and a Businessman.

He is a Dubai police certified security systems engineer and provides security equipment like CCTV, Access Control Systems, etc to Dubai Police and likely other businesses. In addition, he has a family business that deals in groceries, and FMCG.

Those businesses are cared for, by his elder brother Pradeep. Lately he started Graphite mining company in Southern India.

(Guruji, if you’re reading this, I hope its doing well!) Engineer by Education, Entrepreneur by Profession, Nano-Science Researcher by Interest, YouTuber by Passion.

— By the bio of”Technical Guruji” on TwitterTechnical Guruji — Income and Net Worth CalculationGaurav Chaudhary aka Technical Guruji earns about $18–21 Lakhs from YouTube per month.

This comes in the 44 Million average monthly views he receives on his channel at the RPM of about $0.4. But, that is merely 1 percent of his total earnings from his companies.

So, going by that analogy we come to a figure of about $18–21 Crores from his company operations.

Even after deduction of expenses his annual income should be approximately $187 Crores.

Since his business is new I don’t believe it was equally profitable 3 decades ago. Taking all those factors into consideration I’ve calculated the entire wealth of Technical Guruji below.

Technical Guruji Net Worth Going by the estimates of Technical Guruji’s earnings and accounting for the amount of years Gaurav has been actively working, his net worth should be approximately $335.25 Crores ($US 43.86 Million).

This does’t include his family net worth, which should be even higher.Here’s a break-up of the method I used to calculate the Net Worth of Technical Guruji:

He earned close to nothing (compared to present standards) from YouTube in 2015. Then 2016 through 2020 his YouTube earnings climbed up in a speed of 115%.

That puts his entire earnings from YouTube at about $3.0–3.5 Crores. Since Technical Guruji and Gaurav Chaudhaury channels contribute to 1 percent of his total earnings and hence also his prosperity.

Technical Guruji Income in rupees

It is highly possible that his company earnings from 2015 until 2020 would be at $300–350 Crores. Let’s say it was $325 Crores. But, he’s been doing business since 2014.

Adding 30 Crores for 2014 and 60 Crores for 2015 we receive his net worth at $415 Crores from his Business income alone.

Deducting 20 percent as expenses we get $332 Crores.

Adding YouTube earnings to this total would raise his net worth by $3.25 Crores to $335.25 Crores. So, that’s how I calculated his net worth.

Technical Guruji Net Worth 2020

As of July, 2020, the estimated net worth of Technical Guruji is about $335.25 Crores ($US 43.86 Million).

Now, I understand that Dubai does not have income tax, but Guruji spends a whole lot of money travelling to places.

So, I’d assume the 20% deduction is fair.The information of his RPM comes straight from his video: My YouTube Earnings Revealed!! How Much Money I make from YouTube? ,

watch that video till the end where he shows that he earned enough to buy an Alto for 12 Million viewpoints.

Technical Guruji House, Automobiles, and Bikes — Gaurav Chaudhary Net WorthNow that we’ve covered everything about his income and net worth, let us also have a look at his home, cars, and bikes that he owns.

Please understand that the assets he owns is from his family businesses rather than from YouTube.He lives in a Villa in Dubai, and here’s a list of the cars and bikes he and his loved ones own: BMW 750 Li Mercedes Benz ML-500Lexus LS/ES — owned by his brotherSuzuki HayabusaConclusion I think that Gaurav Chaudhary or Technical Guruji deserves all the love, respect, and success which he is currently getting.

In his whole YouTube profession, (or hobby) he hasn’t missed uploading videos for even a single moment.

It’s not like he doesn’t get sick, but he remains consistent even during his illness.

That kind of dedication is really amazing and unmatched!As of July, 2020, the estimated net worth of Gaurav Chaudhary is about $335.25 Crores ($US 43.86 Million).

Because this is an unofficial figure it may vary. But, we have tried our best to calculate it as accurately as possible.

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