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Jagannath Mishra Biography

Dr. Jagannath Mishra was an Indian politician and educationist. Who had been the chief Minister of Bihar thri a time. He became the chief Minister of Bihar for the first time in 1975. For the second time 1980 and last time from 1989 to 1990, bihar was the chief Minister.

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He also got a place in the Union cabinet during the decade 90. On September 30, 2013, a special court in Ranchi sentenced him to 44 others in the fodder scam. At that time, he was sentenced to four years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 200,000.

For the past several days, Jagannath Mishra was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Delhi, which passed away on 19th August 2019. So, in this article, let us tell you about jagannath Mishra’s biography — Jagannath Mishra Biography Hindi.

Jagannath Mishra was born on 24th June 1937 at Sandy Bazar (Supaul), Bihar. His wife’s name was Veena, who passed away at Medanta Hospital in Delhi on January 22, 2018 at the age of 72 years.

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His elder brother named Lalit Narayan Mishra, who was the railway minister of India. His son Nitish Mishra is also a politician and has served as cabinet minister in the Bihar government.

Jagannath Mishra History [Politicla Career]

He started his career as a professor and later became a professor of economics at the University of Bihar. He joined the Indian National Congress while teaching at Jagannath Mishra University.

He became chief minister for the first time in 1975. For the second time, he was assigned the command in 1980 and was the last chief minister of Bihar from 1989 to 1990.

He was also the Union cabinet minister between the decade 90. In Bihar, Dr. Mishra’s name is known as big leaders. After leaving the Congress, he joined the Nationalist Congress Party and was now a member of the Janata Dal (United).

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On September 30, 2013, a special CBI in Ranchi convicted him along with 44 others in the fodder scam. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 200,000.

Jagannath Mishra Death

For the past several days, Jagannath Mishra was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Delhi, which passed away on 19th August 2019 Monday at the age of 82 years.

Jagannath Mishra. Former Chief Minister of Bihar. Three times, Bihar’s power was in hand. And on August 19, 2019, he passed away in Delhi after a prolonged illness.

There was a time when socialist politics in Bihar was trying to have its roots, but the Congress was in front. Who ruled Bihar for a very long time, on many occasions.

And Before Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar’s Meyar were elevated, Bihar had seen a leader like Jagannath Mishra. But who were Jagannath Mishra?

Jagannath Mishra became chief minister of Bihar for the first time in 1975. Then in the year 1980. And finally in the year 1989.

Total deposits three times. But Jagannath Mishra had nothing to do with politics before he came into politics.

The first was Professor. of economics. At Bihar University. There was an interest in politics.

But in 1971, he was elected mp from Madhubani, the stronghold of the CPI. On the congressional ticket..

Cause of interest? 15 years old elder brother Lalit Narayan Mishra. Was the leader of the Congress. Close to the Nehru-Gandhi family. During Indira Gandhi’s prime minister’s tenure, she was the railway minister.

In the 70–80s, the Congress high command had only two leaders, Lalit Narayan Mishra and Kamalpati Tripathi. Both Brahmins.

When one strengthened the Congress in Bihar, Kamalapati Tripathi worked for the Congress in UP — especially Purvanchal. So much work that took the statue of Kamalapati Tripathi at the crossroads of Banaras, and his grandson Laliteshpati Tripathi was given a ticket to the parliament despite losing the election of the legislature. Still lost.

Come on Lalit Narayan. The Railway Minister was there from 1973–75. He was counted among the big leaders of Bihar. In Bihar, Indira Gandhi and the Congress took the responsibility of raising the task.

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Samastipur, who was the railway minister. 2 Day of Javanary 1975. The inauguration of the Samastipur-Muzaffarpur big line was the chance.

The bomb exploded on the platform and Lalit Narayan Mishra was seriously injured. He was brought to Danapur for treatment, but the very next day Lalit Narayan Mishra died.

Even before the investigation into Lalit Narayan Mishra’s death began, the case arose that his murder was in the hands of the US intelligence agency CIA.

This was the time when almost most countries in South Asia were troubled by the pull-out between the United States and Russia.

The CIA was in front of the Russian agency KGB. It was said that the two superpowers were vying to have “Third World” countries in their court.

A book quoting the Mitrokhin Archive revealed that Lalit Narayan Mishra and Indira Gandhi had taken bribes from KGB, and that is why the CIA killed Lalit Narayan Mishra.

But comes the year 2014. After 39 years after Lalit Narayan’s death, a Delhi court ruled that no CIA had carried out the murder of Lalit Narayan Mishra, but not by Anandmargis. cause?

Because they wanted to put pressure on the government to release one of their colleagues from prison.

But there had been so many irregularities in the initial investigation of the case that lalit Narayan Mishra’s family said they were not satisfied with the verdict after the court verdict.

But when lalit narayan mishra’s death was being debated, a new leader had come to the scene. Name Jagannath Mishra. The younger brother of Lalit Narayan.

Since Congress leader and Railway Minister Lalit Narayan was charged with a lot of allegations, after his death, the Congress turned his eyes to his brother Jagannath Mishra.

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Jagannath Mishra History

Jagannath Mishra, who went on to become a professor at Bihar College, became the Chief Minister of Bihar directly in 1975. But empathy wasn’t the only one. Senior Congress leader Sitaram Kesari was the first choice as tevar talc.

At the same time, Lalit Narayan Mishra was not asked as much, nor was there that identity left. The railway minister could not stop the rail movement, which was led by socialist leader George Fernandes in 1974.

Journalists from Bihar point out that the Congress had brought Jagannath Mishra in such a way that he could take him under control. But Jagannath Mishra proved to be out of the handle of the Congress.

The Congress was strong, but Jagannath Mishra was an unprecedented resort to sympathy for his brother’s death.

Gradually, their engagement with people grew and they were linked to the “leader of the land” Marca Proverb.

But this strong leader could not get any more trust with Rajiv Gandhi. Never stood, but remained close to the big congress leaders.

Within the Congress, there was a faction like Jagannath Mishra. And on the basis of this, Jagannath Mishra remained firm in the Congress.

It was said that Lalit Narayan could not make as good a grip as his brother Jagannath Mishra made. The Congress was part of the party’s “forward bloc”. Famous among Brahmins. Very famous in the areas of Mithila.

But the second largest group of The Madhauthail Brahmins, along with Jagannath Mishra, was accompanied by Muslims.

It was with him to be called “Maulana” Jagannath Mishra. why? Since in 1980, Jagannath Mishra granted Urdu language the status of the second official language of the state of Bihar.

People say that when they went to any district, the Muslim cadre of the Congress had to stop. The matter was also high in the media.

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Aa Bihar Press Bill

But the height could not stand firmly for many days. Because Jagannath Mishra brought the Bihar Press Bill.

The year was 1982. The Bihar Press Bill came up for the purpose of blackmailing the media, or news reports that are not appropriate or news that damages someone’s image, written, printed and distributed.

When the bill came up, it was said that Indira Gandhi had the support of implementing the bill in Bihar because the emergency was removed from the country a few years ago. And the emergency was also fiercely opposed by newspapers.

Talking to media about the bill, Jagannath Mishra said that free media is essential for democracy, but it is the job of journalists and media institutions to try to keep the image of the government in a close.

The case went to Indira Gandhi. Speaking at a session in Lucknow, Indira Gandhi said that she has not read the bill, but while talking to the government’s lawyers, she has come to know that there is nothing in the bill that would end the powers of the press.

But he also said that the government cannot allow any part of democracy to be used for the character abuses of the government or any individual, which is also the job of the government.

The bill was so opposed that the government had to withdraw the bill in the Assembly. Speaking to a newspaper in 2017, Jagannath Mishra said that he should not have come up with the Bihar Press Bill.

It was said that indira gandhi and maneka gandhi were being drawn in at that time and the bill was brought in to protect it from coming to the newspapers, but the press bill was openly revealed by Malal Jagannath Mishra.

But got along, yet opposed Indira’s

And the chair went away. Yes. Indira Gandhi’s mineral policy came. In protest, Jagannath Mishra delivered a speech for two hours in the Bihar Assembly.

Indira Gandhi didn’t like it. Within just three weeks, Jagannath Mishra was stripped of the post of Chief Minister. Later, during the Bhagalpur riots, the role of the then Chief Minister Satyendra Narayan Sinha was questioned and jagannath mishra was brought back.

Fodder scam came in name Jagannath Mishra Biography

Lalu Yadav’s name is taken up in the Bihar fodder scam, but the leader named after Lalu Yadav is named after Jagannath Mishra.

And what was the name, the court was punished with. In 2013, a CBI court in Ranchi sentenced 44 people, including Jagannath Mishra.

Jagannath Mishra was asked to pay a four-year jail term and a fine of Rs 2 lakh. But the Jharkhand High Court granted bail to Jagannath Mishra.

Then there were newspaper reports quoting Jagannath Mishra. Reports that Jagannath Mishra said lalu Yadav’s name was included in the fodder scam at the behest of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, and Jagannath Mishra himself was named after the then Congress President Sitaram Kesari.

Accused of suppressing Bobby massacre to save Congress leader

The Bihar Secretariat had a typist named Bobby. Bobby Urf Shitnisha Trivedi.

The adopted daughter of Rajeshwari Saroj Das, chairman and Congress leader of the Legislature Council. 1980. One day suddenly Bobby’s body was found.

He died in extremely suspicious circumstances. In government residence in Patna.

The corpse was buried to hide the case. The doctors made two reports. A report said that Bobby died of a lot of bleeding, and a report said that the heartbeat stopped.

SSP Kishore Kunal initiated the investigation. The corpse was removed. The viscera investigation took place. And it turned out that Bobby had died of poisoning.

As the investigation grew, a Congress leader’s name began to emerge. Then the case went to the CBI and the investigation took place again.

Bobby is said to have died of murder, but jagannath mishra’s gesture was turned into a suicide by the CBI. Since then, the name of the original accused in the case has not been revealed.

And Jagannath Mishra is still named as a leader who was the last Chief Minister of the Congress in Bihar. And then all the socialist leaders in the scene and the new diaries that the Congress will continue to support.

Because the front was mandal commission, new caste equation, Janata Dal, VP Singh and Lalu Prasad Yadav.